Sunday, November 11, 2012

What a Fail....

OK. I was only able to keep it going for 9 days...sighs...what a fail...but I was just too tired on Friday night after coming home from grocery shopping and then I was busy all of Saturday...and today...I spent the whole day at putting together the drawers to my bed that I have been meaning to do since I got alot accomplished this weekend...

I have decided that I wont be too upset with myself...I mean...blogging should be fun...not a chore, not a I hope my friend Jen wont be too upset with me....I will keep trying to post every day, but I wont beat myself up for missing a day here or there :P ( convenient....lols)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!! :)


  1. That's how I feel!!!! U should just blog when u feel like it. Who would wanna read *forced* posts anyway? :-)

  2. Lol. It does seem to be getting less and less fun as it goes on.