Sunday, November 4, 2012

Philadelphia "Sushi" Bowl

** Udpate: GAHHHH....this was supposed to post on Saturday.....I just took a look and realized it only got saved as a draft and for some reason didnt actually post..... Boo .....does that mean I already failed National Blog Posting month :*(

OK. So this post is a little bit late...but I was busy all day making cookies and cake pops....and since I havent gone to bed yet...I still consider it the same day lols....

This is a recipe that my roommate for a month taught me...if you like the smoked salmon with cream cheese sushi (often called Philadelphia roll) you will like this too. Since I learned the recipe over the summer, I have made it a bunch of times....and its super simple and totally hits the spot when I am having a sushi craving...

All you need is some store bought smoked salmon (i like the kind that comes in the blue package from Trader Joe's), cooked sushi rice, cream cheese, cucumber, a little bit of sushi rice vinegar, and dry seaweed (optional). Cook the rice according to the instructions and mix with a little bit of the sushi rice vinegar. You just need a little vinegar, just to give the rice a little tartness and to loosen it up a bit. Then mix it with the cream cheese and crumble a few pieces of seaweed on top and lay as many slices of the smoked salmon you want on top and a few slices of cucumber. In the version in the picture below, we also added some popcorn shrimp.

This has become one of my favorite meals since it kind of satiates the sushi craving but I dont have to go out and spend $50-$60 on sushi :)

Bedtime for me.....stay consumed!


  1. My browser ate my comment so I have to re-type it. This is a great idea! :-))) I love smoked salmon (just a bit picky about where it's caught/raised cuz I don't wanna eat any fish from the pacific/Alaska/etc anymore) but I also love popcorn shrimp! And while all Chinese are on a boycott of Japanese products (until Japan gives that island back to us), I just noticed the other day that Lundberg farms (in California) grows a sushi rice so I can buy US sushi rice! Perfect! And also, I know I followed your blog a long time ago but somehow I wasn't a follower anymore, what's up with that...

  2. Yea. I loooooved this idea too.....i been eating it like 1 a week lols :P

    I still says you are following the site...i still see you as a can also choose to get an email when i put up a new post if you enter your email in the box under subscribe via email.

  3. I had to follow it again, that's why you see me there! Maybe you didn't blog for so long that Blogger automatically dropped your followers for you, BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  4. lols. perhaps. it had been almost a gonna try to keep this one going....we shall see lols