Monday, November 29, 2010

Mix and Match!

Was originally planning on doing a Richmond road trip + Thanksgiving post....but got waaay too will put that off for a couple of days....but today i saw something really neat and couldn't resist a short post.

Ever open your fridge and go "Hmmm...I have some *insert random ingredient here* what should I do with it?"

Well, have no fear....a team of Belgian scientists working hand in hand with some chefs have harnessed the power of matching flavors and charted it at

The website is easy to use. You can either ask "What goes well with *random ingredient* or What can replace *ingredient*?

I haven't had a chance to try any of the pairings on the website...I did do a search for what pairs well with boiled eggs and got guava as one of the options...I'm curious if that will taste any good....maybe I"ll try it out soon.

For those adventurous/experimental cooks out there....this could be an interesting tool for mixing and matching ingredients......I'd love to hear about it if you try any of the pairings!

Have fun and stay consumed!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ribs a-la-twitter!

okingI was actually going to wait until later in the week to blog this....but since Bou from Proof I Eat and... (who has some really great/innovative/amazing recipes!) said she was craving ribs and curry I'm posting this early.

Yesterday, was my brother, Warren's birthday and every year for his birthday, I usually make him dinner. He loves ribs so I thought I would try out this Curry Ribs recipe I saw a couple of weeks ago. This recipe is actually from Eat Tweet--whose author, Maureen Evans, takes recipes and condenses them into the 140 characters allowed for each tweet. I have been wanting to try some of the recipes and this turned out GREAT!

The entire recipe reads:
Curry Ribs: mix1/4c ketchup&cocntmilk&OJ/2T peanutbuttr/T honey&hotcurrypdr&soya.Top2lb porkrib,chill>2h.Cvr2h@325;uncvr~h (brush occas).

I did change the recipe just verrry slightly. I added about 1tsp of sesame oil and a pinch of Asian Five Spice Powder. I also rubbed some salt and pepper on the ribs prior to adding the marinade/sauce. I was worried that since I didn't have time to let the ribs marinate as it says in the recipe, that it wouldn't taste as good--but it turned out great!

The ribs covered in the sauce, getting ready to go into the oven.

While it was cooking, it filled the house with smells of smelled soooo amazing. I couldnt wait to get my hands on them. The ribs were done in about ~3H.  They came out delicious! Moist and juicy and flavorful. I did keep a little of the extra marinade (of course, not the marinade I used on the raw ribs) as a dip for the rib meat. Delicious!! 

There aren't a lot of pics as this was a very easy recipe....enjoy the pics below and as always....stay consumed!! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Search of Inspiration

Lately, I have been feeling very uninspired to cook, to do much of I thought maybe I need something to "jump start" my excitement. I have been meaning to actually start writing in here for a is the day. I am going to write my first here it is. Enjoy and try not to drool on your keyboard :)

So I have been craving stewed tomatoes with baked eggs for a while now.....

I decided that I would go all out and get the Organic Farm Fresh Brown Eggs. Brown eggs do taste better, but they are also more expensive so i rarely buy them, but i figured since the Eggs are the "star" of this dish, might as well.

( little pretties.....destined to be sacrificed for my baked eggs ;P)

You can start with tomatoes from scratch and stew them, but it was late and I was getting hungry, so I used the can stuff :O I started with 2 cans of stewed tomatoes (the basil, garlic, oregano ones). 

I also wanted to use chorizo, but the market didnt have it, so I used a spicy andouille. I sliced it super thin and then pan fried them in a little tiny bit of olive oil . 

Now, on to the assembly. Pour the stewed tomatoes and sausages into your baking dish. The dish should be thick enough that you can "bury" your eggs in the sauce (like I've done here). {Don't ask me why its in this disposable metal pan >:{ the pan I was originally going to use is MISSING, but thats another story...grrrrr} Anyways, once you have poured the tomatoes in the pan, crack the eggs one at a time into a bowl/dish and using a large spoon dig a hole in the stewed tomatoes and pour in the egg. Bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes then broil for about 4 minutes

I couldn't resist! Had to peek in the oven ;P

Done.....mmmm...doesn't this look delicious??

 Added a little bit of parmesan.

This turned out sooooo delicious :) I had 2 of the eggs for dinner, with a couple of pieces of crusty bread. I'm glad I pushed myself to go do the grocery shopping and cook this. My goal is to try and do at least 1 post a week--lets see how it goes! Stayed consumed! :)